“Just Do It” “Fuuuuuck Yooooou”


I’m so over the “you gotta want it as much as you would want to put out your hair if it was on fire” crowd.

We don’t all work that way.  We know that our hair isn’t on fire, and that we’ll be just fine if we don’t make a million dollars, write that bestselling novel, or start our own successful business, thank you very much.

No, we aren’t lazy.  Yes, we want to improve ourselves.  But we’d rather do it without killing ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We want to enjoy the run, not gut it out.  We want to provide a useful service, not maximize our profits.  We want to have a healthy relationship with our children, not drive them to the point that they are as miserable as we are.

We want to be happy.  And we don’t want to feel guilty because you think that we aren’t being the best people we can be.

But that’s on us.  We won’t accept it anymore.  We will be, and continue to become, the people that we want to be, no matter what you think.

If you think we aren’t skinny enough, rich enough, hard working enough… that’s on you.

We will be happy.  And if we aren’t, we will learn how to become that way.

Because we are good enough and smart enough, but quite frankly we don’t give a fuck if people like us or not.

And it won’t be by setting our heads ablaze.


[image by Tommy Lisbin, retrieved from StockSnap.io]


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